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About the Bernese Mountain Dog

Originating in Switzerland, the Bernese Mountain Dogs were initially raised to be working farm animals. Their usefulness on the farm has been replaced by machines and modernized equipment, but in an effort to save the breed, the Berner has been bred to be a loyal companion willing to work hard to warn their owner of any danger.

The female Berner will be roughly 65 to 90 pounds and the males between 85-120 pounds. The Bernese have a shorter lifespan than other breeds. Typically, most live to be 7-8 years; however, some of the pups from our line of dogs have been known to live 10-12 years!

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a great addition to the family if you desire a larger breed but still admire the friendliness of many smaller breeds. These affectionate dogs are not only loyal to their owner, but can be trained to get along well with other people and animals. This is a breed that longs for your attention and love and should not be left alone on a leash all day.

Bernese Puppies - Country Raised Pups
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